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About Our mission, our story.

Who We Are

Metropolitan Family Clinic is a not-for-profit company that is improving healthcare by providing professional medical care at easily accessible clinics. We provide a focused, coordinated approach to deliver healthcare with the aim of achieving the best possible results for our patients. Because of our integrated health care system, our patients care can be fully coordinated among many different providers, facilities and services on a continual basis. Continuity of care allows for patients to get the care they need efficiently and effectively.

We put our efforts in improving patient care through our professionalism and willingness to work with our patients to resolve both medical and non-medical issues.

We provide walk-in and open-access scheduling for appointments that can be made within 24 hours to help avoid Emergency room visits.

Our goal is to work as team with our patients. We encourage the patients to call the office to make an appointment. We will make every effort to accommodate your request with the best available time slot for your convenience. In case of an emergency you may contact the nearest emergency room. We pride ourselves in providing open access to our patients for appointments within 24 hours.



The seed of thought for opening clinics started with Mrs. Santosh Kumar. She, like many patients, dreads the idea of going to the doctor’s office. Her idea was to have a clinic that felt more like a ‘home’ making it comfortable for patients to access the healthcare they need. In late 2009, the first clinic opened in Naperville, IL; followed by the Chicago in 2012 with more sites opening soon.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Metropolitan Family Care is to utilize a holistic approach to healthcare to prevent, manage and treat disease. We understand to be healthy means more than acquiring a routine medical check-up; it requires understanding the needs of each patient on an individual basis. MFC aims to provide the utmost level of care to ensure our patients and the communities we serve live a healthier lifestyle through education for disease prevention and patient empowerment.

Our Principles


Our Staff

Dr. Manohar Jethani

Dr. Manohar Jethani

Lipidology & Emergency Medicine

Dr. Humera Khan

Dr. Humera Khan

Family Medicine

Paula Patel, M.D.

Paula Patel, M.D.

MFC Manager

Karla Guajardo, M.A.

Karla Guajardo, M.A.

Medical Assistant